Facts You Need To Know About STDS

Sexually transmitted diseases have become increasingly relevant in today’s society with current statistics indicating more than 20 million new cases in the United States alone. As if this is not alarming enough, studies did also indicate that about 50 % of people will acquire one at some point in their lifetime. Understanding such illnesses is the first step in being safe. Below are simple facts that help you understand why you should check for STDs regularly and break up any STD myths you may have heard.

Basic facts about STDs
These are basically illnesses that are transferred from one person to another via sexual contact. Some can also be transmitted via contaminated syringes and forms on nonsexual contacts like breastfeeding and childbirth. So far over 25 STDs have been identified with causes ranging from viruses, bacteria, parasites, and yeasts. The most common are chlamydia, HIV, gonorrhea, syphilis, genital herpes, human papillomavirus and hepatitis B

Common STD myths
Contrary to popular belief, condoms only reduce the risk of contracting an STD, not eliminate it. Some like herpes can still be transmitted by skin contact. Unprotected oral sex is only slightly less risky than anal or vaginal sex since some STDs like HPV transmitted through oral sores. Bacterial STDs like syphilis and chlamydia can be cured. However, viral infections such as HIV and herpes are incurable.

Susceptibility to STDs
Simply put, women are more susceptible to STDs than men. Anatomical differences account for most of this since female genitals are thinner and moister making it easier to contract infections from men. Infections in women may also go unnoticed for longer since the genitals are less exposed. Infections in women are this more severe and may result in conditions such as cervical cancer pelvic inflammatory disease and infertility if not treated promptly. Pregnant women are also at increased risk of having babies with low birth weight and ectopic pregnancies.

When to check for STDs
Testing for STDs is recommended at least once per year. Most infections are silent in nature and some, like HIV, may only become symptomatic many years after exposure. Some infections closely resemble commonly benign conditions such as urinary tract infections which explains why they go untreated for so long. This means regular testing is the only way to be certain.E ven though waiting for symptoms to manifest is, therefore, a very poor way for management, it is still important to lookout for signs such as itching, genital pain, unusual discharge either from the vagina or the penis and a urethral burn during urination as they may indicate an active infection.

You Should Be Worried If You Have Taken Performance Boosting Drugs Intravenously

It is surprising to note athletes taking performance-boosting drugs, knowing fully well that they will not be able to pass the blood, sputum, urine, and the recently introduced `hair follicle test’ conducted by the World Anti Doping Agency (WADA). Many of them believe that they can cleanse their system of traces of drugs before the WADA summons them to attend the test. These individuals should realize that the reagents used by the WADA are the latest available and can easily detect minute traces of drugs remaining in the athlete’s body. Failing in such tests results in the athlete being banned from participating in competitive sports for several years or even for life depending on the severity of the offense and the number of times an individual has tested positive. They should remember that the anti-drug agency also conducts tests after the event. In case a sportsperson has won a medal in an event, and later tests positive for traces of drugs, the WADA has the authority to strip the offender of his or her medal. A brief online search will throw up names of countless sportspersons, including famous ones like Meryl D’Souza, Maria Sharapova, Tyson Gay, Diego Maradona, any much more.

Adding insult to injury
If being publicly banned from participating in competitive sports is not enough, many athletes have tested positively for sexually transmitted diseases (STD). This often happens when an athlete enjoys sex without taking necessary precaution, with another athlete who suffers from STD such as syphilis, gonorrhea etc. These diseases also infect an athlete if he or she uses the same injection, used by an affected athlete, to push performance-enhancing drugs intravenously. This is one of the commonest reasons because of which drug addicts suffer from sexually transmitted diseases. It also affects athletes, especially those residing in villages created for accommodating them in international sporting events such as the Olympics. On the one hand, certain athletes believe that having sex, prior to sporting events, positively increases their performance by lifting their moods. On the other hand, others believe that engaging in sexual activity may be detrimental to their performance. The end result is that infection of specific organs, caused by microorganisms such as bacteria found in gonorrhea and syphilis, impairs the performance of an athlete who is supposed to perform at peak efficiency to win the event he or she is participating in.

Preventive action
If athletes have any doubts that they are suffering from sexually transmitted diseases they should consult a gynecologist immediately. However, as privacy is a primary issue, most of them tend to avoid such consultations. They should not worry about this issue as they can easily test their private parts for signs of infection with the help of special kits created for this purpose. A brief online search for at home STD test kits – test privately for STDs will provide thousands of results. One should never compromise on quality in such matters. Substandard kits never provide accurate results… some of them have shown the results as negative even though the person taking the test is suffering from STD. Therefore, they should purchase kits manufactured by renowned medical companies, even if it means spending more. This does not imply that athletes should take drugs from sealed and bacteria free syringes. They should avoid drugs totally and should not become dependant on them to boost their performance. They should remember that traces of the same will invariably show up in their urine samples collected by the WADA. One can fool the drug authorities by using fake urine… a powdery substance, which when mixed with water, forms a solution that has the color, temperature, and specific gravity of natural urine.

Hair follicle test and does Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo work
In case the authorities of WADA have any doubts about the urine sample provided by an athlete and believe that the individual is trying to hoodwink them by providing fake urine, they might subject him to a hair follicle test. This is an extremely sensitive test and offers the best results to investigators as traces of drugs remain in the hair follicles for a long period, even after they are no longer in the blood and kidneys. Athletes should never try to hoodwink the WADA specialists by shaving their hair, as the authorities if they have any doubts, will summon them again after a couple of weeks for the test. The best solution is to use detox shampoos such as Nexxus Aloe Rid shampoo to remove drug traces from their hair. Using this shampoo regularly for a couple of weeks prior to the test ensures that the sportsperson will pass the hair follicle drug test successfully.

Uses And Benefits Of CBD Oil

CBD is one of the terms used to describe a compound in the cannabis plant. CBD is among the number of compounds that are in the plant; they are collectively known as cannabinoids (CBD). For quite some time, researchers have been examining the prospective therapeutic uses of this compound. CBD oils are essentially lubricants with concentrations of CBD; however, the oils vary by their uses and the concentration.

Benefits of CBD Oil:

Pain and Inflammation Relief

Natural pain relief is at the top the list of common CBD benefits. There is evidence to suggest that cannabinoids could prove useful in modulating pain by hindering neuronal spread in pain pathways. The findings of a recent study revealed that CBD considerably suppressed neuropathic pain and chronic inflammatory in rodents without triggering analgesic tolerance. It has been suggested by researchers that non-psychoactive components of marijuana like CBD may represent a different category of therapeutic agents to provide treatment for chronic pain.

Lessens Anxiety

Studies involving healthy volunteers and using animal models of anxiety undoubtedly suggest that CBD has an anxiolytic-like effect on anxiety. Cannabidiol has proven to lower anxiety in patients who have social anxiety disorder. Researchers believe it may also effectively treat obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder.

Has Anti-psychotic?Properties

Studies have revealed that among the benefits of the best CBD brand is its capacity to produce anti-psychotic effects. Seemingly, CBD has a similar pharmacological profile to that of atypical anti-psychotic medications. This was seen using neuro-chemical and behavioral techniques in studies of animals. Furthermore, studies have shown that CBD stops human experimental psychosis. It is also effective in clinical trials and open case reports in schizophrenic patients.

Epilepsy and Associated Disorders

Research is being carried out to find out the possible role of CBD in providing treatment for neuropsychiatric and epilepsy disorders. It has already been found that CBD has a low risk of side effects and anti-seizure properties for individuals afflicted with epilepsy.

Research into the effects of CBD on neurological disorders has suggested that it could assist in treating a number of the disorders associated with epilepsy. These include psychiatric diseases, neuronal injury, and neurodegeneration.

Drug Withdrawals and Quitting Smoking

Some promising evidence has surfaced that the use of CBD could assist individuals in quitting the horrid habit of smoking. The findings of a recent pilot study indicated that smokers using an inhaler with a compound CBD content smoked fewer cigarettes but had no additional nicotine craving.

Other studies have found that CBD could be a favorable substance for individuals who abuse opioids. It was noted by researchers that some of the symptoms patients who have substance use disorders experienced could be lowered by CBD. Included among these are anxiety, pain, insomnia and abnormal mood swings. Though these are early findings, they suggest that withdrawal symptoms may be reduced or prevented with the use of CBD.

Helps in Fighting Cancer

CBD has been widely researched for the possibility of using it as an anti-cancer agent. A number of studies have found that CBD seems to block the spread of cancer cells to other parts of the body and from entirely invading a particular area.

The findings indicate that CBD has the capacity to suppress the progress of cancer cells and support the demise of these cells. It has been noted by researchers that CBD could assist in treating cancer as a result of its low levels of toxicity. Researchers are calling for CBD to be studied together with conventional treatments to analyze its synergistic effects.

Alzheimer’s Disease

Recent studies have revealed that CBD is capable of preventing the progress of social recognition deficit in research participants. This is an indication that CBD could possibly prevent individuals in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease from losing their capacity to recognize the faces of individuals they know. This is the first evidence that CBD is capable of preventing the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.

Potential Health Risks and Side Effects

A number of small-scale studies have examined CBD safety in adults. It has been found that the compound is tolerated well across a broad dose range. No significant side effects of the central nervous system have been found. Additionally, there are no negative side effects on mood or vital signs among individuals who use it whether heavily or slightly. Tiredness is the most common side effect that has been noted from the use of CBD. Some individuals have noticed changes in weight or appetite and diarrhea.

Benefits Of BCAA Supplements

Branched-chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) are essential amino acids used by bodybuilders and many other categories of athletes. They help to reduce fatigue, increase power output and enhance fat loss. Valine, isoleucine, and leucine are the three BCAAs; none of these are produced by the body but are necessary for survival.

As the biggest assortment of amino acids in the body, BCAAs account for as much as 35 percent of muscle proteins. Typically, BCAAs are rapidly excreted. At high concentrations, BCAA intermediates could be toxic; therefore, functional BCAA breakdown is crucial.

Since 1996, BCAA formulas have been available on the market, mostly for treating liver diseases such as hypoalbuminemia and cirrhosis; the use has mostly shifted since then. One of the primary roles of BCAAs is to promote amino acid uptake by protein synthesis and cells. So well established in this role that they are administered to bedridden patients to decelerate muscle wasting. Athletes use BCAAs to assist in maximizing muscle gain from training.

The findings of recent studies indicate that leucine interacts and makes the mTOR pathway active in cells. mTOR is an acronym for ‘mammalian target of rapamycin.’ It can be described as a pathway that performs several roles, including acting as a cellular nutrient sensor. Elevated leucine levels are interpreted as being high overall nutrient levels. It also signals that the environment is ideal for better protein synthesis and growth. The mTOR pathway is activated by leucine, which further triggers other proteins such as the initiation factors. These must be stimulated to begin ribosome protein synthesis.

In addition, BCAAs cause gene activation, which codes for ribosomal proteins. Essentially, ribosomes are minute organelles inside of cells in which protein synthesis takes place. On account of these boosted BCAA levels, other ribosomes are created inside the cells.

In essence, BCAAs, particularly Leucine, working via the mTOR complex, boost protein synthesis levels in two ways. They boost the capacity of the cells to synthesize proteins, by boosting the number of ribosomes. This stimulates translation by activating certain factors that control it. It is important to note that amplified protein synthesis in muscle cells will lead to improved muscle gain.

BCAAs have protein synthesis stimulating properties, which are tremendously important, especially when embarking on a calorie-reduced diet. When trying to lose weight, one of the problems is that both fat and muscle mass is lost. When you are on a restricted-calorie diet, BCAAs will work to preserve muscle. This will lead to a greater lean muscle to fat ratio and more fat loss.

Most amino acids can be metabolized in the liver only. However, BCAAs can be directly metabolized in the muscle cells to increase energy. Using BCAA to load up the muscles before a workout was proven, in several scientific studies, to boost endurance and overall performance. This is seeming because they intensify the quantity of fuel instantly available to cells. This can be transformed into ATP, which provides energy for the contractions of the muscle. During a workout, BCAAs are severely depleted and this occurs because they are used to fuel the workout.

The mental perception of fatigue can also be lessened by BCAAs. It is a well-known fact that our mental state is at least as vital as our physical state. This is achieved by BCAAs as they use tryptophan to transport vital nutrients across the blood-brain barrier. Tryptophan is a forerunner of the neurotransmitter serotonin; therefore, elevated levels of BCAAs could lead to a lower production of serotonin and a reduced perception of fatigue. This produces better endurance during workouts.

Clinical studies have revealed that the best BCAA supplements like 1 Up Nutrition BCAA have a positive impact on the body’s hormone balance. Specifically, BCAA seemingly increases testosterone levels, while simultaneously decreasing cortisol levels.

This outcome is the ideal for individuals attempting to lose weight and gain muscle mass. The anabolic hormone, testosterone, stimulates muscle gain and protein synthesis. The catabolic hormone, cortisol, is the body’s chief response to stress. Among its primary functions is to boost the available glucose levels in the blood. This is achieved by saturating the structure with free amino acids, which are created by breaking down muscle protein. Then, the free amino acids are transformed into glucose in the liver.

Even though cortisol plays an integral role in enabling individuals to survive direct physical danger, in the long term, its effects are harmful. Decreased cortisol level and increased testosterone level lead to the effects sought after by most individuals; boosted muscle mass and a reduction in fat storage.

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